• 5 Things You Should Know About Styrofoam Recycling

    Styrofoam, also known as expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is simply one form of polystyrene plastic. It is used around the world for different purposes like packaging, making coffee cups, food trays, car parts fabrication and a lot more. Now, is Styrofoam recyclable? Concisely, yes. Most people tend to assume that it is not but it is.

    1. It is not easily recyclable

    The only thing different about Styrofoam from other forms of plastic is the fact that it is quite light and takes very long to break down naturally. About 5% of Styrofoam is polystyrene while the rest is air and for this reason, it is an excellent insulator. In addition to this, it’s resistant to heat, which is why is so widely used in the food industry. However, these same qualities make it hard to recycle because the fact that it is light means collecting it without being blown by the wind is tricky and the fact that it is bulky makes it expensive to transport. For this reason, most recycling facilities do not accept it.

    1. It is expensive to recycle

    Since there are just a few facilities that accept polystyrene, it cannot be recycled locally but has to be transported to a centralized plant. This increases the cost significantly. All plastics are given recycling codes for easier separation and polystyrene is code 6. Other forms of plastic from code 1 (waster bottles) to code 4(plastic bags) are easy to isolate but code 6 comes with more problems because unlike water bottles, Styrofoam reaches the facility quite dirty, especially from the food industry. This makes the recycling process longer, harder and more expensive.

    1. Recycled Styrofoam cannot be used for food

    This is because even though it is sterilized during the recycling process, it can still be toxic when used for food. You might wonder, if Styrofoam is so hard to recycle and has the ability to last for a long time, why are manufacturers bent on manufacturing more of them? Well, because more are needed for coffee cups and plates. Most facilities actually just reuse it because the fact that it can last almost forever without decaying makes it last on landfills longer than necessary, taking up most of the space.

    1. Wood

    Polystyrene can be used as a form of wood once recycled. It can be used for park benches and fence posts and is almost as good as mahogany and teak.

    1. Limonene is used to dissolve it

    Limonine is used to dissolve Styrofoam so that transporting it becomes easier. It is a natural solvent made from orange peels and causes the foam to melt without heat. This way transporting it becomes much easier.

  • SEO Consultancy To next Level

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    SEO Consultancy To next Level

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  • House Clearance Services in London

    Are you fed up of you house junk ? Well you don’t need to worry house clearance services in london is best key to your solution. There are literally hundreds of house clearance company but this article can really help you choosing the right one. As we all know “Cleanliness in next to Godliness” so we should keep our houses clean in all way.

    house clearance london

    House Clearance Services in London

    Hiring someone for house clearance  is not a hard task but choosing the right service provider is the hardest. There are can be various type of wastes that you would like to get rid of including toxic waste. The first thing you should keep in mind while hiring house clearance company is the good reputation of the company in the market. You just want to make sure that you are choosing a reputed company for your house clearance london.

    Another thing keeping in mind is typing house clearance company in your area. Like if you want house clearance services in London you can just Google HOUSE CLEARANCE LONDON and look up to companies so you get various options to choose from. I hope you keep these steps in mind while hiring your service provider today.

  • How Medical Technology Has Helped Advance Transhumanism

    The concept of transhumanism has continued to mesmerize many people, and for a good reason. Today more than ever, technology and medical inventions have helped elevate mankind to levels no one would have thought possible some years back. Today, mankind is perfecting the skills of slowing down aging in humans, and even coming up with artificial intelligence.

    Below are some of the major ways in which medical technology has helped man to achieve transhumanism brought to you by Andrew Charalambous who is a free thinker.

    Read Free thinker and former tory Andrew Charalambous

     Anti aging; today, humans are able to slow down aging significantly and it is likely that as scientists make more discoveries, humans could start living up to 120 years long. Thus aging will be perceived differently, it shall be seen as a condition that can be managed.

     Prosthetics; you just need to remember the infamous South African athlete Oscar Pistorius. He had no limbs, but was able to compete at the Olympics and win a gold medal! All thanks to some prosthetic limbs that he had. Prosthetics are also being used to give wounded soldiers a chance to walk again after having their limbs amputated. Likewise, organ transplants have greatly helped humans defy nature by giving patients a second chance to live. Really, the coming years things can only get better; we are looking at an era where mankind will even be able to do a brain transplant, and thus transfer all the faculties and departments of intelligence from one human to another.

     Artificial intelligence; this is another interesting medical innovation that is greatly contributing to the achievement of transhumanism. Since intelligence can be inherited, genetic engineers are able to identify and select the specific good strands from one gene, and combine it with others from another pool of genes, to come up with a super intelligent child. Genetic engineers are even able to create a super soldier, tall and strong, with ability to endure much, all thanks to the ability to identify the right genes from the parent’s pool.

     Life support machines; who would have thought that in the 21st century, humans would have a machine that would offer “life support” to patients who can’t breathe on their own, or even open their eyes! At the ICU, patients who are in critical conditions can have their lives prolonged, as doctors attempt to bring them back to life.


    Transhumanism is all about the possibility of super human beings, with unlimited intelligence, who don’t have to worry about getting old. It’s a concept that is increasingly being proved true, what with the numerous, mind boggling scientific and medical innovations nowadays.

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  • Creating Online Business Magazines

    Business Magazine

    Are you looking to start an online business and are you finding it difficult to decide on the type of online business to venture in? Well, why not start creating online business magazines. If you are on board, here is how to go about creating online business magazines that are profitable;

    • Understand what creating an online business magazine entails. An online magazine is a magazine availed through the online platform. Therefore, just like any other magazine it will need useful and relevant content to run.
    • Choose a target audience. Basically, an online business requires traffic for it to be successful. Therefore, it is important that you first determine the kind of audience that is likely to log-into the magazine for your business to serve its purpose. Some of the demographics that will determine your target audience include age, gender, race etc. For example, you can start an online magazine for kids fashion. Your audience will determine what will be featured in the magazine.

    • Avail resources. That is right. Just like any other kind of business, you will need some resources to start your online magazine.  For instance, you will need resources to set up a website for the magazine, market and advertise it etc.
    • It is not enough to choose an audience; you also need to make known the existence of the magazine. You can get a few well known advertisers to place their adverts on your magazines as a way of advertising the magazine.
    • Test the waters. Once your magazine has the required content, it will be useful to test its viability. This will help you determine the strengths, weak points, what needs to be changed or improved etc. You can do this by offering free samples to your potential clientele before going mainstream.

  • Home Based Business Ideas for the Health and Fitness Industry

    health business

    Being fit offers numerous  health benefits including lowering the risk of contacting diseases like diabetes, obesity, stroke, hypertension to name but a few. As such, more and more people are today looking for and embracing different health and fitness techniques, diets and exercises to help keep fit and healthy; the industry is growing tremendously each day thus offering an enormous business opportunity. If you are on this bandwagon, here are a few home based business ideas to help you start a profiting venture in this industry;

    Determine your target clientele.  Before venturing into this industry it is very important for the entrepreneur to determine the type of clientele you will want to focus on. This can be women, men or both. Women tend to be more weight conscious and as such programs aimed at weight loss and/or maintenance will be more ideal. Men on the other hand tend to lean towards general exercise and fitness. It is also possible to incorporate all these for a venture for both men and women.

    Choose your business platform. Here you can decide to have a physical location for your business or an online platform. A physical location is advantageous in the sense that you will have a one-on-one contact with your clients. On the other hand, an online platform offers the advantage of accessing a wide clientele at a go.

    Choose the health and fitness plan you want to pursue. Here there are numerous opportunities to pursue. For instance, you can venture in designing exercise equipment, nutrition coaching, fitness coaching, diet planning and selling gym appliances.


    Basically, there are a thousand and one ventures you can indulge in when considering starting business in the lucrative health and fitness industry. The only thing you need is start now while the industry is still a boom.